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2019-01-27 09:18:41 (UTC)

Sleepy girl πŸŒ™

Listening to: Young Lust - Pink Floyd
I am just a new boy
Stranger in this town
Where are all the good times?
Who's gonna show this stranger around?
Ooh, I need a dirty woman
Ooh, I need a dirty girl
(still wish I could remember the name of the other song that haunts my thoughts lol)

"When you can't find your sunshine, turn to me..I'll share mine" ~ ME! I wrote this

Good morning! β˜€

Oye I am a sleepy girl..I took a sleeping pill as so much was going through my mind about the research I did yesterday, both for my submissive journal as well as developing my spiritual side. I don't take these ones often and I forgot how hard they can hit me lol. Needless to say I slept solid and I woke groggy lol, death grip on my mug of tea and no intentions on letting go today lol. I didn't hit the gym but I intend on it this afternoon! Sun just peeked out through the clouds so I am thinking it's going to be a beautiful day :) I did my mantra when I woke this morning (kneeling at the side of the bed and repeating my submissive mantra). I find it has helped me focus since beginning it. I am down another pound today :) I didn't wake with any cards in my mind nor numbers and no real startle awake but I still do feel energy.. That is the best way to describe it. Something or someone's energy in mine. Isn't bad..It's actually comforting..Maybe I am not mean to know why or maybe I will know eventually.. Either way it's all in fate's hand and divine's timing. I just go about being my bad ass self and let fate work it's magic lol.

Today?….how's that for exciting? lol Actually for anyone who knows me in the 3D world.. It is lol, I love a clean house and love cleaning..laundry? Not my biggest excitement but has to be done. I think I may be seeing my best friend E today at some point too for a coffee. He wanted to catch up as we haven't this week. Be nice to see Him.. I know sometime this week my subbie friend L wanted me to take her to the new adult toy store I found downtown lol. That will be a riot lol. She's such a good girl and Christian haha. Her Dom is Christian as well. They are both good people. Very monogamous and loyal to one another and very private about their D/s which is how I am in the 3D life. It's actually a good influence on me I think. She has helped me in my growth and I can talk to her about stuff like that.

I am feeling good today, positive.. Oh I have some clothing of my daughters to drop off to the shelter. We went through her closet and purged a lot. May do that on the way to the gym or I may wait til I hit Costco this week so I can buy more bathroom tissue and feminine stuff for the women's shelter too. They email me when they are really low on things. Think they email anyone who donates on a regular basis. I thankfully am in a position to help and try as often and however I can.

Ok going to go get my hair and makeup done for the day.. I hope everyone finds a reason to smile today ❀

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