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2019-01-26 07:40:19 (UTC)

Moving on. Not just from ex lovers

So... I got something serious to discuss. Not just aching body parts this time even though I did work out one of the longest hardest yesterday at the gym. Anyway, it's about my core friends. These are the guys I met playing darts and we've been friends for about 20 years now. One of my other good friends at work came up to me one day. He said something that I have to admit was in the back of my head already but too wimpy to bring it up in front of my mind.

This work friend said that he knows my core friends are my friends but he said that maybe I should think about not hanging out with them so much. He sees my facebook activities and he comes over from time-to-time so that's how he knows. He told me that I have outgrown them and that I should not hang out with them so much anymore. I should spend more time with other friends like at the gym for example. I admitted to him that it was in the back of my head already and that I was actually already thinking about it.

One of these friends like his whiskey. I'm ok with drinking as I drink wine myself also. But he drinks to the point of not being able to even walk anymore. He used to work in construction building bridges and big ass buildings. Over the years, his body took a beating and his knees are failing him. Well, drinking whiskey doesn't help. He can't even walk when he gets too fucked up. Once in awhile is ok but it's getting all too common. My friends always have to help him out. One of my other female core friends ended up going with him for about 4 months now? Anyway, he is retired and has pretty good income but he is starting to lose it I think. He can't handle his finances even though he gets paid pretty good in renting out some of the rooms in his house and his retirement income. He just doesn't seem to handle his finances.

My other friends are a married couple. There again is another issue. The guy's wife works hard but she only makes I think less that 20 bucks an hr. Her husband doesn't work. No sure if he is getting aid from the Gov't or what but I think he can at least Uber or something. Anyway, they share a room with their other family so it's like renting a room in a house. That's al they can afford. What's worse is when the wife is drunk, she is all over me every time. She wants to greet me with a kiss with they come over. I always turn my face and let her kiss me on the cheek. Then later on, she wants to keep on kissing me as the night goes on. Then sometimes she wants to sit on my lap. Fuck that!! One time greeting is fine but to go on an on is too much. Then one night, she said something that crossed the line. I'm not letting her even give me a greeting kiss anymore. Just a quick hug at most now.

Then there is my other lady friend. She is ok. She is fine and we tell each other everything. She is the one going with my friend that gets drunk and can't walk. She does have a teen girl that gets along with me. However, she don't like anyone else in the group nor do they like her. My friends get into arguments about her and how messed up she is. Yes, this teen gets into trouble but all I say is that it's non of our business except for her Mom. They disagree and seem to have their own opinions about it.

Now I was the one that brought up the concept of sharing a home together so that we could be better off financially. I want my toys. I want to get a boat after my new Tacoma that is soon to come. I want to be able to travel this year. My goal is to Alaska, NYC again, and South Korea. That unfortunately takes money. I'm renting a house right now and i't a waste. It's a 3 bedroom and I live alone. I was thinking that if we get 3 of us to pay rent, we could even get a bigger house and live it up. I estimate that we'd be paying about 1,000 a month each which would save me about 1,500 a month. But one couple can't even come up with1,000 a month. The other guy has a home but I'm not going to be taking care of him when he gets drunk and can't walk. Screw that.

Only my other friend with the teen daughter would be compatible but then we'd have to up the shared rental and pay 1500 a month each. I am able to do that comfortably but I don't know if she can.

So that' s my thoughts. 20 years ago, my salary was about 1/4 or 1/3 of what it is now. I have retirement so no problem there. My other friends make less than they do 20 years ago since the husband no longer works and the wife makes about the same thing she did 20 years ago. Well, that don't cut it. I don't want to live with an alcoholic. No freaking way. My friend with the teen daughter has a dilapidated home. The roof has caved in on one room. I stayed with her for a few months once. When it rains, one room becomes like a little river. No kidding. Practically no roof on that room. No A/C. No heater. Shitty neighborhood. Told her to sell while there is some equity in it but I know her. She won't because she can't pull the trigger.

This is kinda why my friend at work told me I shouldn't hang out with them so much. He says if I'm looking for that special someone, I won't find it hanging out with them. I knew this and I actually agreed. My core friends are my core friends but it does look like I have to move on and carve my own path not always having them around me.

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