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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2019-01-26 08:20:33 (UTC)

She needed the chaos..

Listening to: Believer - Imagine Dragons

Good morning Sunshines!☀

“She needed the chaos within her in order to discover the extraordinary no man could ever reach.” ~ r.m.drake

Ok, seriously.. something is messing with me..You all are going to think I am losing my mind but..on my Daddys grave.. It's true lol.. I woke in a sudden moment, not a stiring type wake but more a "get up" type feeling. The moment I woke it was like a screen flashing images, I got the numbers I have no significance to those numbers and have no idea what they mean.. Then I got "King of Pentacles"...Both just suddenly.. I reached for my phone seeing if there was anything there.. nothing but bunch of emails, texts. I clear those but then a youtube link to a tarot reader I follow pops on the screen..hmm k will watch.. , I documented those numbers in my phone and the King card then got up and jumped into the shower (going to gym tonight) I finish my shower, dry putting moisturizer on my face and all of a sudden..the Google Home from the livingroom starts playing a song.."Believer" by Imagine Dragons lol...Not overly loud but enough I hear it.. Keep in mind, I am the only one awake. Hmm, ok.. I go to the kitchen, make myself a tea, sit at my computer.. My computer just went into sleep mode. I rarely shut my desktop off..I open my browser..Last thing open was facebook yesterday but the page reloaded when I open it and the first thing I see a quote from a poet I follow, it says..

"You have grown because you are letting out what you feel and you are expressing yourself differently now. You are making a difference and that's a goddamn miracle. You are finally finding comfort in your own skin and that's what I have been trying to tell you, teach you, you know? to be yourself in a sea full of people. To speak your truth when you are afraid to find your light when you are surrounded my darkness and pain. You've grown my firend and watching you bloom is one of the most beautiful things in the world. ~ r.m.drake"

That was just too many series of coincidences. The numbers? I don't know.. so I just looked up the "King of Pentacles" The general meaning I found to this is..
"Generally, this card reminds us to stay in control of our energy and our resources in pursuit of a larger goal. When it comes to work, the King of Pentacles may refer to a more established man who will pay a significant role in your life. This man can be wise and rational, but he may also be harsh when passing judgment. He can be your biggest supporter, but be prepared to receive unsolicited and harsh criticism. In love, this can indicate that the person that you’ve been waiting for can come along and will love you for who you are."

Again I don't know how this applies to my life but just something that came to me immediately upon awakening. I am just documenting these thoughts and feelings here so in time.. I may look back and understand thoughts or time periods in my life. I don't understand the significance in anything that came to me this morning but it's like something is really happening spiritually.

Ok now that I babbled lol.. Today? I am going to go see my daughter for a few hours today :) I am looking forward to it. Afterwards I will go to the gym and work on my submissive journal and perhaps my tarot. Shall see what the day brings but I am feeling good :) B just messaged me but don't really feel like talking just yet because what I could see He said was "I woke so happy I saw you twice yesterday"...ugh, when He gets like that I feel horrible :( He deserves so much more than I am able to give. K spirits, give me answers on that one, please lol.

Ok, my hair is likely dry in this towel by now lol. Off to go do my makeup and hair and get ready for the day, Have a beautiful day everyone ❤

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