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2019-01-25 15:23:15 (UTC)

Self care and retail therapy

Listening to: Waiting for a girl like you - Foreigner
You're so good, when we make love it's understood
It's more than a touch or a word can say
Only in dreams could it be this way
When you love someone, yeah, really love someone
Now I know it's right, from the moment I wake up till deep in the night
There's nowhere on earth that I'd rather be than holding you tenderly

The Divine Feminine is the warrior and the healer... in a womanly package." ~ Unknown

It was a good day :) A day of taking time for myself and a little retail therapy lol..I managed shopping and however I did not find any pants, I found some panties and a new bra to match one of the panties, soo pretty and sexy! I also bought some tarot cards and new earrings. Overall good day. I had coffee out, then hit therapy. It went well, I always feel better when I leave there then when I go in. It's nice to have someone I trust to talk to, vent to..that doesn't judge or have an opinion except when it is beneficial. I can't talk to my best friend E about some of the things I talk to my therapist about. He's really the only one I other two girl friends are fairly new. One I work with and one I got to know as a submissive. I met her just after Christmas. Met her through B.. She's submissive to a friend of B's... Really nice girl..has a Dom, authentic, genuine.. isn't a bad influence in any way, actually the opposite. She has helped in my growth as a submissive I think.. anyways lol, off topic again lol, my mind is just all over the… So therapy, shopping, coffee and came home and tidied up a bit. I am running out for a few in a little bit then I will be home for the remainder of the night. Probably I won't finish this entry by the time I leave as I am leaving at 4:45 so I will finish it up when I return home.

I did some reading today about "Divine Masculine" and "Divine Feminine".. The Divine Feminine is sacred, sensual and often beyond the realm of day to day living. The Feminine is right brained, emotional, creative.
The Divine Masculine is..The Divine As the divine feminine's protector and champion, the awakened masculine is willing to explore emotional availability, compassion, receptivity and erotic innocence and expression. ... The Masculine is left brained, understanding through logic, calculator.

It's really amazing to read how in spiritual, twin flames and DF and DM have a connection and a bond unlike anyone or anything else. It's a connection that almost happens at hello.. It's the feeling that they are home. That you may have known them forever. It's like feeling like you are looking in a mirror at yourself..It's a ying and yang. Despite distances and differences, DF and DM can communicate through a higher power known as vibrations.. They can connect with one another allowing the other to feel them or connect to them. Random thoughts of someone you were once connected their vibrations reaching out to you..It's kinda surreal to think about. Your twin flame is your destiny.. It only happens once in a life. Some search forever for theirs and never find it..those who are lucky enough to find it.. find their forever. I love reading about this stuff.. One think I believe is I had to go through this. This pain, this hurt.. to grow.. I couldn't have done it while coupled with someone. I had to experience the pain so I could grow into who I am becoming now.. Now I know I will be better person in a relationship..but for myself more importantly. I never understood why. Now I understand.. I know I am a better submissive and a better woman for it. I had to learn to love myself first before I could give the love deserved. Oh crap, gotta back soon! lol

Ok home.. it's now 6:25pm and I am in for the night..yay, it's blistery cold out. I got a text from one of my gf's from Vegas, the one I had the bit of a discussion with said "I don't suppose you want to come out with us tonight?"...I thanked her and told her I was staying in tonight.. Nothing since. I am already in my comfies and hair up in off lol Think hot lush bath again and face mask in order tonight and plenty of puppy cuddles.. I may also play with my tarot cards a bit.. Tomorrow I am going out of town to visit my oldest daughter but only for a few hours.. been too long :)

I saw B twice today.. Once for coffee this afternoon.. then He asked to see me a bit while He had an hour to kill while His son was at practise. I agreed and went.. We just talked, both times..I need to figure this situation out soon. He's growing SO attached to me but I am still just not ready. I have been completely honest and told Him I am just not ready to give Him what He wants, to become "His" officially. He's everything I could want.. very caring, very affectionate, good looking, supportive and very Dominant but I am just not ready. I don't want to hurt Him and as honest as I am about where my head and heart are. He doesn't care, well He does. Just keeps telling me it's His choice to stay..He still wants it, me..He told me He is blocking Friday off in His calendar (did it while I was sitting there) and wants to see me for the day again.. I dunno

I just hit continue on youtube and the song "Please forgive me" just came on by Bryan Adams.. I love this song.. the lyrics to this just bring tears to my eyes, such a romantic song.. Ok going to go lol.. I hope everyone has an amazing evening❤