Do Not Disturb

2019-01-25 23:07:24 (UTC)

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Dear journal,

We went to Applebee's yesterday for my mom's birthday and had a great time. I gave her half of my school money when it had finally decided to come in from school ( and by half I mean $160 when I swore I counted $150).

We both went to get our nails done. I know I said I wasn't gonna get them done anymore but I was feeling extra pretty tonight.

My mom had bought me a really cute jacket with a bunch of flowers in them that I really liked but it was a size medium. I mean it's not that it does fit I'd just rather have a large any day because it hides my look a like pregnant bell ( which I'm NOT and that which people assume I am ) .

I was also wearing these jeans that were also falling off my ass that my Grandmother had given me a while back that I thought once fit but since I gained even more weight it was time to say goodbye to those skinny no so fitable jeans.

My boyfriend came over for a little while yesterday. It was great. It felt great.

But also while we were on the phone, I swore I thought my boyfriend was about to break up with me when he said and I quote " I feel like we're never gonna see each other."

What if he did break up with me?

Would I be relieved or hurt?

Or worse... Both?


Writw more as soon as possible


The ForgottenOne