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2019-01-24 14:19:23 (UTC)

Belated Birthday Lunch for Me

So... our work place does a monthly birthday lunch for the Engineering group here. December 15th was my birthday but because a lot of us were on vacation and had scheduling conflicts, I had my birthday lunch today. :) Which means my lunch was paid for by my peers. I picked Italian food. Nice restaurant. Homemade soup and salad dressing. I ordered chicken part. Desert at the end was ice cream (spumoni). It's been awhile since I had ice cream :) Went way overboard on the carbs but I've been great at not eating carbs in my diet in the first place so I'm good. Now everyone here at work is sleepy. haha.

Working on a firewall today. This one is a Palo Alto firewall. I work on 6 different firewalls but I won't go into the boring tech crap here. I'm all caught up with work and my queue is the cleanest of everyone's queue. So now I'm just helping my peers with some of their work to take some of the load off of them.

Can't wait to go to the gym already. Today is a lot of cardio. Heart rate is going to be lit up!!! Shoulder's hurt like a mother-offer! haha. I tried throwing some darts this morning before work and my darts is still hampered. I may have a borderline injury but I can't stop. Gym gives me the strength and relaxation I need to live my life without the stress. But if I gotta go, I'd rather go down this way than have a heart attack at home sitting on the sofa just masturbating :) haha. (I actually so do but not just that:).

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