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2019-01-23 23:23:56 (UTC)

Nice quiet night

It was a good day. Night is not yet over :) Watching TV, messing around on my laptop probably reading fake news, having a glass of wine :) Not sure if I have time to reflect on the good happy things in life. TV and laptop is maxing out my thinking capacity right now :) I just know that there has been a calmness in this house. I'm not sure I can completely understand it but I'm not gonna muck it up. I'm loving the aura in here right now. I am at peace.

I also checked out the inventory of Toyota Tacomas. Barcelona Red Metallic. 4X4 Offroad doublecab. Not a lot of them have luggage racks so I'll probably have it installed later. I sold my extra my-zone, treadmill, and a few misc stuff. Maybe with tax returns and what I have saved, I'll have around 7,500-8,000. Maybe I'll get it earlier than May/June. Maybe March/April instead? Not sure but I could also perhaps just sell my bike. I haven't ridden much of it in years and it has so much shit upgraded on it from the previous owner. Still looks good and I always had compliments when I'd ride it around. It's a Honda Shadow Aero 750 with all kinds of stupid upgrades on it. I't's still my baby and when I'm riding, it feels so freaking fantastic!! A man thing I guess.

My retirement is safe and sound. That's a separate thing. I've also been saving an extra 250 a month in extra 401k but I think I need to trim that down a little after I get this truck :) I still want to go to South Korea with my Sis this year and Alaska with my friend for sure. Vegas is cheap so that would be cool too. Anyway, I have to admit this is now happening financially because I'm no longer with my ex gf :) Girlfriends can be expensive!!! haha. That's all I got for now diary. Thanks for letting me babble on without any real thing to say.

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