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2019-01-23 20:21:27 (UTC)

Gym today

It was an easy day at gym class today. I babied my throwing arm so I used less weights when the time came for me to lift, pull, yank, ir push with my throwing arm. Arm press and snatches I dropped the weight when using my left arm (I'm left handed). I of course had my cliques with me so we were together and had fun. The usual coach wasn't there so they were cool with us hooking up in a small group.

Work was just as fun. I got my work done. Easy peasy. All they really care about is if you don't mess up and cause the network to go down because of your work. haha. I'm good. I have a 6th sense when I'm doing something dangerous and stop before I get in over my head. Anyway, the Azure cloud is up and running for a State dept that I shall not name. :)

I have my Home Chef delivery today and it's two meals for two. Being single, it's pretty much dinner for a week for me. No dishes need to be washed and I just did a load of laundry so I'm all caught up in that dept Floors and carpets are clean. Just my dirty mind is left :) haha.

Regarding the ex wife. We texted. I have to play nicey-nice so she don't come after me with any stupid shit that will require me to hire a lawyer and defend myself. So... I bit my tongue and I instead was just cordial instead of telling her to effe off!! I call it dancing with the devil. I don't know what she'll do but she is pretty weird so I have no clue what she is intending.

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