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2019-01-23 23:16:21 (UTC)

New job possibility

Well I'm back,

Today was uneventful as always. Just trying to figure out my life and what I want to do when I'm waiting for graduate school in the fall. I think I decided....ANOTHER JOB!!!! Yes, even though I have been volunteering places and figuring out things in the realm, I also have bills to pay and things to save up for and I think getting another job to keep myself buys, would be a great opportunity. Now I just have to find where I am going to apply. Do I want to nanny, do I want to serve? Who know!! So many options, but now I have to go figure out how to file my life into this box so I can stay organized.

Note to high schools out there: teach your students how to file and do their taxes, they will get far in the world!