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2019-01-23 14:56:50 (UTC)

She's my kinda crazy

Listening to: She's my kinda crazy - Brantley Gilbert
Pokin' out her lip and bitin' mine when we kiss
There ain't a fight that she can't win
That's my baby
And she's my kinda crazy

"how you make others feel says a lot about who you are, leave them with a smile, a hug..and a kind thought" ~Winnie the Pooh

Work was good, but busy.. Stayed fairly busy so the day went by rather quickly.. Just found out one of my co-workers gave their notice so seems I moved up a notch. I was anticipating this exit. I had a feeling it was coming and today confirmed my belief. Oh well.. there was a lot of conflict around this person and He seemed to really gravitate towards me as a confidant, I wasn't..I am just friendly by nature lol, but I am glad I don't have to deal with the tension or my empathy in regards to Him. It can be very draining. Tomorrow I was asked to come in a bit earlier as we have a lot to do in the morning soo, will be bit longer day.. that's ok, I welcome the distraction at the moment. I had a wonderful moment happen at work today.. Earlier this week I wrote about the acknowledgement I received by the one Man that I assisted.. (Keep in mind I haven't met Him, all our dealings were over the phone) Well.. Today He came in. They are with us a bit longer. He brought me a bouquet of flowers.. He came to my desk and said (my name) the same one who helped my wife and I last week? He stated His name.. I smiled and said yes, it's nice to finally meet you Sir. He handed me these flowers and said I wanted to thank you in person. I said "omgosh, thank you so much.. this was too kind of you, I only hope all is well with your wife now?".....He said "yes..she is doing wonderful and I am on my way back but I heard you were only here til 2 so I wanted to see you before you left again"... I started crying.. I stated I was so happy for Him and His wife and if there is anything I can do while they are still here, please don't hesitate.. He said "may I give you a hug?"...I ran around my counter and said "of course" and He hugged me. He said "to you, its just you doing your job..but you have such a kind soul and I won't ever forget all you did for us in such a difficult time"....I hugged Him again and said "I really needed this today, so thank you"..He rubbed my arms and stated He had to go to His wife but He would see me tomorrow if I am there.. of course! I am SO thankful I got to meet Him and I displayed the flowers all day :) I felt really good.. I am glad I made some sort of difference in a time of sorrow for them.

I had therapy today... It went well.. course few tears but overall I always feel better leaving. He read my gratitude journal and said He's really happy I am not using the same things to be grateful for.. I stated despite my hurts.. I have a lot to be grateful for. I told Him about the visitor at work and He said He is not surprised and to take that feeling home with me. I have..and the flowers lol. I see them to the left of me now while I write. I spoke to B off and on today. He is in Toronto until tomorrow. Some big meeting. Honestly still stuck on what to do there.. He is growing SO attached to me and I just know I can't return those feelings. Despite how honest I am..He chooses to stay. I will need to make a decision soon. My heart is just not ready and I don't want to hurt Him.

I wanted to go to the gym tonight but my tummy is still aching from the biopsy.. It's ok.. I am sure tomorrow I will feel better.. She said it would hurt for approximately 24ish hours.. well we are on that now lol..time's up, move on! lol Sooooo think tonight I will stay in and work on my submissive journal or binge watch some of my Chicago Series..Think New Amsterdam is recorded too.. ok I will do both.. going to go make dinner for my daughter then work on my work, no reward.. Will watch my series once I am done some of my research. There's a few topics on my mind I want to write about. Think a nice hot Lush bath is in the works today too..I took a selfie today (I hate taking pictures of myself) of my body since losing all my weight and I have to say. I am happy girl :)

I am thinking of taking up tarot myself. Delving deeper into tarot reading and opening my senses more.. I have a desire to learn more and more. My girlfriend has offered to teach me.. so I am looking online at some tarot readers I have followed. Some create decks and sell them. She also told me a few places I can get them so we'll see..

Anyways, going to go get her dinner going.. I hope everyone has an amazing evening!❤

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