Experienced Life
2019-01-23 07:27:05 (UTC)

Morning checkup

I feel good today. We did Tabatas yesterday and of all the workouts we do, I seem to be really good at Tabatas. Not lifting heavy shit so it's speed and cardio. I'm pretty good at that. So today, my body is really in much pain. I'm also taking extra glutamine so I'm hoping that helps but it could also be a placebo effect. lol. I was also a little careful on doing burpees. Usually, I just drop down without care when I start my burpees but yesterday, I made sure I put my hands on the floor a little more gentler than normal for less impact on my shoulders. Seems to have paid off because my shoulders feel better today.

Yesterday at work, I turned up another Azure Cloud environment for another big dept for the State. Pretty happy it came up without a hitch :) I'm pretty much all caught up at work. I think today, I can do a two hr lunch.

I had some issues picking up my car yesterday. The body shop said my car was ready but they were burglarized and got their credit card machines ripped off and asked me to bring cash. So I asked if they could give me a discount and they agreed. Wheeling and dealing. So I had to juggle some things around since I didn't have a car to take me around. I used Lyft and picked up cash at home then to the body shop. Anyway, my insurance paid me directly and the body shop said they charged less if I paid out of pocket. I worked it out so I got non insurance rates so this accident actually made me some money in the tune of about a couple hundred bucks. I'm happy that I was able to stay positive from this accident and the outcome came out pretty good. Keeping a positive attitude even through crappy stuff like this helped me a lot and it all came out for the better.

I'm seeing life a little differently now and I think my journey in life will be different this year. Self improvement, realization, attitude??? I dunno. I just know I'm different. No six pack abs yet and with my social wine drinking, I don't know if I can get it done this year :)
I shall see. At least I'm at the best shape I've been in over a dozen years so I'm happy with that. Looking forward to achieving my goal of getting my new Tacoma. First choice of color is Red. Then I'm not sure if I want that funky cement color, dark grey, or even that sky blue. However, Red is my first choice.