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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2019-01-23 06:46:57 (UTC)

Mind wide open 🌍

Listening to: Young Lust - Pink Floyd
I am just a new boy
Stranger in this town
Where are all the good times?
Who's gonna show this stranger around?
Ooh, I need a dirty woman
Ooh, I need a dirty girl
(o0oooooo, I need a dirty girl ;) This song has been on my mind for monthssssss but I couldn't recall who it was or the name until early this morning it just hit me, yay!! that be..tell me the other song I can't seem to remember the name of lol)

"The things that make me different...are the things that make" ~Winnie the Pooh

I slept well despite still hurting from the biopsy..Last night I went to bed around 9pm, I put a heating pad on my tummy and listened to a meditation video. It's just a video that shuts your brain off and puts it into a totally open send and receive messages and such to the universe. It has a sedative type music that plays and eventually fades out so you are not distracted by the suddenness of the silence. It has been a very good way to clear my mind at bedtime. This morning I woke at 4am with a very strong feeling, sense.. I can't explain it.. isn't the first time I have had gut feelings or instincts but today it was the strongest it has ever been. I woke suddenly short of breath and shaking and an overwhelming feeling, sense.. I don't know who or what the sense is about. I don't know what the sense is.. I don't fear trouble persay.. I just feel.. I feel like something is going to happen. Good, bad or indifferent. or someone is thinking of me or needs to talk to me or just being sent vibrations... Ugh I don't know lol, I just need clarity..It's happened many times before and it's never steered me wrong so I trust I will find this clarity. I don't believe the meditation at bed time did this unless I put thoughts and feelings out there and the universe returned them to me.. I know all this sounds crazy but it's true. There are only a very few in my life, people I trust who know this about me, my abilities because I learned long ago, not everyone has an open mind to this type of stuff. I cannot shake this feeling. I hope I gain clarity today. My mind is wide open.

I went to the gym despite being in pain. Probably not my best idea but my friend Melissa I encouraged to come back...was going.. so I didn't wish to abandon her on her first day back. I had to go for her. I did work out, limited. Nothing to do with core strength.. Just arms..legs, no running or elliptical. Hopefully tomorrow I am feeling better and can push..or even tonight? lol..I really focused on Melissa today. She is still making great progress in her weight loss but her daughter was ill so I get why she wasn't coming. Just glad she's back and didn't give up on herself. She brought me a little keychain she made.. omgosh it made me cry. Was so sweet.. She said it was just a little appreciation for all I have helped her with and the friend I been to her, yep, I cried even harder and hugged her lol. She's super sweet. She is down 17 pounds this month!!! I am SO proud of her :)

I work today, not too long, thankfully. I was told I should take today off due to still hurting but I can't do that. I hate leaving people in scramble to find another. It's only a few hours and I am a tough cookie! I have shrink immediately after work so I will go. He is one who knows about my abilities and He had told me His mother was touched by it too. I believe everyone is.. I think most just don't know how to tune into it or what signs to look for. Mine became more noticeable to my grandmother long before I knew...when I started learning I had abilities it scared me. She helped me in a lot of ways . I miss her so much more lately since delving deeper into my senses. Maybe she is guiding me or helping me, I don't know. I would like to think that..Love you Grama ❤

Ok well off to take this towel off and put my face on lol, Have a wonderful day all ❤

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