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2019-01-22 22:32:38 (UTC)

Finally some body recovery

I didn't go to the gym in two days. Even though I can't stop going, I really was banged up and needed a break to recover. I missed two days but my body feels so much better. I worked out today and rocked it. My body recovered so I'm good. I remember some time ago I couldn't even pick up a 40 pound slam ball without bracing it on my knees first before I pick it up. Now, I can pick up a 50 lb slam ball and do a Tabata workout with it.

Working out may have messed up my darts but it sure does the body good :) I missed my 4:30 workout crew because I had to pick up my car from the auto body shop but made the 5:30 session. Still knew enough peeps there so it was all good. I come home so relaxed after that. On the way home, there was so much traffic. Instead of 20 minutes, it took over an hr to get home. Stalled car on one lane messed it up and some other issues but after the gym, I was good and didn't mind. The gym does that to you. So relaxing after. I did weigh in this morning and my weight is just fine.

Oh yeah, my ex wife sent some texts. Won't go over it right now. It's late and I'll write about it on another date and time. I got this though. No drama in my head at least. Don't know how I'm able to do this but I'm so glad I have just a little bit of control at last. I tried throwing some darts tonight and it feels much better than it did yesterday. My hitch is gone. Just a little sore but I'm hitting bulls eyes again. Didn't want to over do it so I only threw for 10 min. I'll give it a go again tomorrow.