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2019-01-22 21:04:40 (UTC)


29 - cos I want to get married. And I’m scared if I don’t get married by the time I’m 30 all of that free spiritedness will look like an aisle or a joke. I want someone to be with. I want to create a home with someone
Didn’t dnihs Soas - had a fear of writing my diss. This fear has been the fear of all fears to date. Facing it means facing a fucking bogey man. I’m not even in contact with them anymore how would I start. It’s so deeply embarrassing. I got over the first one. This second one was to draw a line under. It’s literally slowly eating me up inside every time I remember.
Got a three. Speaks for itself.
Adctd to k - speaks for itself. Makes me feel dirty and worse.
Cnt express articulate prop - vocab and flow frustration
I let tby DK marOund - I let him sick me around. I let him take the Piss at the start. He didn’t text me again and I messaged him. I wanted him to call me and when he eventually did, I fell for him.

Hsbc - thr most recent addition. They defaulted me. I feel invisible. Can’t buy anything online atm even when I have thr money.