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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2019-01-22 07:31:43 (UTC)

Never perfect, always genuine..

Listening to: Without me - Halsey
I said I'd catch you if you fall
And if they laugh, then fuck 'em all
And then I got you off your knees
Put you right back on your feet
Just so you can take advantage of me

"Never perfect, always genuine" ~ Lalah Delia

It's 7:30 and I could easily nap today.. I did hit the gym as usual at 5am and worked friend hasn't been there lately, hope she is ok.. I will text her today and see.. She was doing amazing at her weightloss journey. Will have to give her a pep talk to come back :)

I don't work today.. I have an appointment at the hospital at 2 but I am supposed to see B for a few before that, I think He said 12-12:30. Depending when He could slip away from His office.. He was having a really bad night last night.. I guess His intention to have an amazing day failed in all areas.. Work was chaos, He had a family issue that was tragic for Him and I guess His child was acting out. He text me when He got to the gym (It's His outlet too) and He was in a BAD mood..Never have I seen Him this way. This Man is always so kind and in a good mood but yesterday was the first time I seen it. I told Him to vent to me..let me He opened up and I tried to help in offering advice on work, home..His the end He was laughing..Said "you really helped calm me down tonight, thank you sweetheart"...I was surprised. He's always only ever called me by my name or a pet name.. but it was nice.. I am glad I could help calm the chaos.

Mentally and emotionally helping people is draining.. it's my empathy being overworked by picking up their feelings and emotions. The only one who didn't cause a drain was my ex..because when He felt better.. I felt empowered. Like as a submissive...I achieved something but in every day life.. my empathy is always being tested. Either way I am glad I can help regardless the impact it has on me. My grandmother had abilities as well. She was an empath and intuitive like myself and she was a medium.. It has only been the past 3 years I have picked up her medium abilities. Seeing things, hearing things but I haven't really figured that ability out yet as I am unsure how. I know when I discovered my empath and intuitive ability I had my grandmother and she knew I was touched before I ever did.. She helped guide me and teach me how to handle them. She's long passed now but I wish I could talk to her and get clarification on this too.

Speaking of abilities.. I did another tarot reading last night.. I have done probably about 15-20 in the past 2 months and every one says the same thing. I have tried different readers (my girlfriend is one reader), different arena's (a few in person a few online)...all saying the same thing.. Not about one specific thing but my future, life..and all I am going through now. I don't know how much I believe in tarot but what's the odds so many say the exact same thing? I have even done coffee cup readings and got the same results. I dunno..just babbling I guess lol.

It's so cold out today, feeling -30C with wind chill.. It's also very drying.. I just got out of the shower so I need to slather my body in more lotion than usual lately lol. I finally broke down and splurged and bought my favorite perfume. I have been out for 2ish months.. I bought it for myself over the weekend and yesterday I received 6 compliments how beautiful I smelled lol.. From total strangers and co-workers. I always seem to when I wear that one. It's by Vera Wang.

Ok going to go take this towel off my head and do my hair and makeup and get ready for the day. I hope everyone has an amazing day ❤

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