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2019-01-22 10:40:17 (UTC)

My state

I am pleased I manage to sort out my rent issue. It was a very stressful time.
I now need to ensure I can cope with repaying all the finances I raised to settle the rent.

I have now collected a friends laptop so i can start doing my data science training (online) at home (waking up in the middle of the night to study). This is where the discipline (i talk about) comes in.

I really need to step up my data science training as I think I have come to the end of the road as a business analyst. The job opportunities are ridiculous in terms of the work experience the agents are requesting . Data science is more technical and suits my mathematical background. I am looking forward to training as a data analyst.

I am meant to be going for a meeting with my daughters school on the 30th of January to discuss her school fees (debt). I started paying in October instead of September and didn't pay in November. I hope to give a good impression when I go there and clearly articulate my situation and make then realize that I am doing my best and committed to paying her fees.

My son's school threatened to not allow him to resume school in January but thankfully they have not really said or done anything since their threatening email in December. The situation is the same. I missed one month of payment (and started paying late). They will have to accept the situation as it is and when I have excess fund I will clear the arrears. My son is going to be with them for 2 years.

I need to also clear the immediate debts to my friends who learnt me money. Its crazy but I am managing somehow on this salary I currently earn.. I hope to make some extra money in some joint venture I have started with someone (more on this later).