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2019-01-21 15:09:16 (UTC)

Dart league tonight

Oh boy. Even though I rested for two days not going to the gym, my throwing arm is still messed up. A combination of normal sore muscles but it's also because I missed the punching bag when we had a punching routine. This was almost a month ago and it's still effecting me. I tried for a left cross and I missed the bag and I hyperextended my elbow instead. It's not really a punching bag. It's a kicking bag but that's all we have at the gym. So while that thing was doing it's weeble-wobble thing, I was throwing combinations at it and I missed my left cross attempt. Sigh..... Finals is in March so I won't have much longer to heal.....

In other boring news, house is getting cleaner :) haha

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