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2019-01-21 12:20:48 (UTC)

Day off today

Took my car to get the rear bumper fixed so I'm without a vehicle. This is the first time I was without one in over a dozen years :( I always had two vehicles. Must've been a bad past experience or something but here I am again and I don't like it. I sold my suv not too long ago and I was thinking I could go solo without 2 autos for maybe 6 months? But nope, karma got me. I had to replace my alternator and I got rear ended of course a little after I sold my suv. Dang!!!

Anyway, I used Lyft to be me home and now without an auto, I'm left to.......... cleaning the house!!!! Yipes!! I don't have OCD so it's not the most enjoyable thing to do nor do I have an irresistible urge to clean. Boredom. Boredom is the only reason why I'm cleaning. Don't want to wast my life away watching TV during the day so I won't turn it on.

I shouldn't be bitching. I still have my motorcycle in the garage if I really wanted to go out and do something. I still could watch a matinee at the nearby cheap-seats theatre but I think I'll wait till my friends can go with me. Doesn't seem right to go to the theatre alone even though you can't chat in the movies :) I guess I'll just clean and of course post my boredom of cleaning from time-to-time here on my diary. Still, it's a good non-drama day. My heart is smiling. I've had way worse days than this and I'm more than grateful to have days like this.