Do Not Disturb

2019-01-20 23:09:23 (UTC)

I found it

Dear journal,

I know you don't care but finally found my other shoe.... Well my cousin did. And guess where it has been the whole time... Behind the couch ( where I should've looked in the first place).

I've been wanting to wear my shoes lately ( that I've always been wearing) but I couldn't find it and now that I have it I could wear it until, I get some new shoes.

I also saw these really cute blue Nike Air Max Plus shoes on Facebook that I really like and that I really want so... I shared it on my Facebook page. And plus it's blue. You can never go wrong eith blue these days.

My check for my financial aid won't come in till next week ( hopefully earlier) like it did with my recent check of last year ( which was on the 30).

On Thursday, everyone will be attending on going to ( aka family members ONLY) Applebee's for my mom's birthday. Now I remind you that is the same day that I have classes but it wouldn't hurt to miss one day. She Will be turning 39 years old.

That's also one of the reason why we celebrated 2 nights in a row and I saw my boyfriend yesterday who got contact high.

My mom's also off pretty much all this week. Lucky her. But it's not like I have a job.

I put in an application for Books A Million so I should be hearing from them soon. I pray I get the job. I know I will the job. I need this job.

I need something to keep myself occupied with or I'll go insane.

I can't keep staying home and not do anything. It's getting rather boting and that's coming from me.

Write more as soon as possible


The Unknown

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