Experienced Life
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2019-01-20 20:17:27 (UTC)

The quiet nights

I posted awhile back that the two hardest times of the day when you are depressed are when you wake up in the morning and the late night when your mind wanders around when you're alone and it's quiet. Well it's night now and quiet. My mind is wandering around but you know what? I am at peace. I feel good. I'm glad I'm around to have hopefully a positive impact on life. I'm learning to love myself more. How many people can say that about themselves? Your ego can get ahold of you and tell you really negative things. "It" never dies and always needs to be put under control. And today, I do. I'm so at peace tonight. I'm so content. It was a nice day today :)

Well, except for my shoulder muscles hurting, I feel great. lol . I even looked it up on Google. My deltoid, lats, infraspinatus, and my trap muscles. All of them hurt! A good hurt. The price you have to pay for toning up your body :) Still, I wish there was an easy button because putting my jacket on and off hurts right now.

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