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2019-01-20 15:22:33 (UTC)

Interesting day :)

My awesome gym peep that is close to me asked me yesterday if I was attending church on Sunday. That was yesterday and..... I was somewhat reluctant. So to get me to go, she said she'd go with me too. (Peer pressure) lol. Actually, she was just being nice and was just trying to help me feel less uncomfortable by willing to go with me. So.. I said yes.

I or should I say "We" attended church today. Church didn't burn down and the pillars stood strong. haha. There was music and a sermon after that as most Christian Churches do. Funny how they talk about things that I am already working on. But instead of saying my "EGO", they have some other words for it. Still, I got the message. It was great and very informative. I liked it. Can't knock it till I try it. I may go again next Sunday. We shall see.

But I was with my gym peep friend and her Sister. We ate lunch after that and chatted for and hour or two. Good day. Surrounding myself around good people is good for me. That's one of the things I learned on Youtube. I recall hearing or reading.."You are who the people around you are". I think there is some truth to that.