Sam's Journal
2019-01-19 00:00:00 (UTC)

Conferences and Networking

I have decided to store my records of important events when they occur in my life for me to realize their potential significance later on in my life. I've made this decision upon gaining an entirely shifted perspective on my life after certain events transpired. I wish to keep these entries concise and to the point so that I can effectively describe my experiences without droning on. That being said, I would also like to quickly put these entries to paper to maintain my thoughts' authenticity. I attended a conference at my university for career advancement. On the whole, I disagreed with the philosophies employed by those who wished for me to conform with their image of an "ideal interviewee" but I still listened respectfully to the administrators who have put their faith in me as one of their co-op prospects. During the employer networking sessions I had the opportunity to speak with a "Squamish Nation" outreach worker as well as a recruiting agent from "Service Canada." A theme among these conversations was the idea of facilitating change within your own community. The "Squamish Nation" representative did a double take upon realizing the similarities between my father's job as a pediatrician and his own job combing the streets of the Downtown East Side. He claimed he knew my last name and thought he had some connection with my father so he gave me his card and asked me to connect him with my dad. Also during this session, I met another 20 year-old boy who was born in Japan but grew up in China. We talked a lot about our mutual interest in history and eventually got around to the Cultural Revolution in China. I asked him if he knew the movie "The Red Violin," in which the communists in China burned books, defaced art, and eradicated any form of artistic expression. He had not seen the movie but he agreed this was very true to the actual events that took place, citing conversations with his grandmother who experienced the revolution firsthand. After the networking, I experienced a lecture that inspired me to start a journal. The lecture was by a man named Sam Thiara, a professor and author at SFU. He told us his professional history which included many rejections, working as a janitor, and the lessons he learned from these trials. It seemed his lecture was written just for me the way he spoke about individuality and expression. My perspective on the important things in life such as values, perception, and experiences. I wrote him and the Arts Co-op Organization to express the enlightenment I have gained by this speech. My testimony will be put on his website, he tells me. After leaving the conference, my mother told me that I looked like a supermodel in my new suit and I went to get sushi and get my pants hemmed at the seamstress. My father has contacted the outreach worker and I finished a job application to TRIUMF just before I went to bed.