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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2019-01-19 08:18:31 (UTC)

Beautiful girl..❤

Listening to: Speechless - Dan Shay
Beautiful were made to do hard things, so believe in yourself❤ ~ unknown

I woke at 5am and did my usual gym, it had already started snowing and by the time I left the gym 2 hours later it was coming down heavier. I am home now and showered.. I woke feeling good, positive.. I am feeling content with things in my life and feel I am in a good place mentally.. I wrote my 3 things in my gratitude journal last night before bed before writing in my other paper diary. I have far more than 3 things to be grateful for but my shrink wanted 3 sooo 3 it is lol.

Today we are supposed to have a horribly bitter, snowy windy day so I plan on spending that time purging my house. I am getting rid of anything I don't use or haven't used in awhile.. My house isn't cluttered by any means but after watching that Marie Kondo on Netflix I realized wow lol, She's more anal about cleaning and decluttering than I am lol. Whatever I can donate to the shelters I will and I will donate the rest to some type of charity. I don't like places like value village because they make a fortune and seriously over charge for their items. There is a free mommy site on facebook where you can donate to people in need. I will try there. Around Christmas I donated a tree and ornaments to a mother who wouldn't have a tree for her child. Seeing her so happy to receive made me feel good.. I need to try to do even more charity work than I already do, there's always a need. Every time I go to the grocery store I will buy those prepacked bags that go to the food bank. It's not a lot but 5.00-10.00 depending on the bag size you get but I try to buy 3-4 each visit.. It's not much but between 15-30.00each visit but it does help I believe. Maybe I will go through my food pantry as I know I have a lot of items we won't eat.. I wonder if they take drop off donations? I should call today and ask.

I got off topic lol, so today just the purging and dropping off and perhaps coffee with my best friend E. Maybe another gym visit tonight if I have any energy left lol. I really need to buy some new clothes as my clothes are falling off me lol. I am not complaining, I am liking it.. I still have some clothes thankfully I wore before my thyroid decided to betray me but there are some things I need jeans. I am now the smallest I have been since I my thyroid issue..two years ago my thyroid went to crap and I gained weight back, not a ton but enough I felt so uncomfortable in my skin, embarrassed, ashamed that I gained back some of the weight I fought so hard to lose. Now I am on my way back down and feeling good. Working out is a god sent with all I been through the last little while. I cannot tell You how many times I cried while working out that fueled my strength and endurance at the gym to push even harder.. I am proud of how far I have come despite having a ways to go to complete my final step. I am far closer than I was 2 months ago.

I also am going to work on my submissive journal again today.. So many thoughts in my head last night about it as I drifted off to sleep where I wanted to get back up and write lol, but I kept myself in bed lol. B text me the usual "good morning sexy girl" He usually sends. We been texting a bit off and on. I am just drinking my tea sitting at my desk with my headphones on while the rest of the house is quiet, in slumber.. I enjoy these times in the morning..My puppies are up and my baby is laying on my lap.. despite being 32 pounds. He think's he's a lap dog..Yes in size He's tiny but He's a tank. I don't mind.. He gives the best cuddles.

Not sure what else the day has in store but I should get moving and get this towel off my head and do my hair and makeup :)

Have a wonderful day everyone! ❤

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