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2019-01-19 05:42:37 (UTC)

Ass hurts. lol

I didn't even have to touch myself today to see what hurts. Shoulder muscles still hurt, biceps still hurt, and as I suspected, my ass muscle (gluttomous-something-something?) along with nearby muscles hurt from yesterday's Booty-Friday workout. My hamstring says hello to me this morning too. I went to the kitchen to get my coffee. Some a small piece of litter on the floor. Tried to pick it up and it hurt just to do that. lol. I got less than 3.5 hrs to recover before I go to my 9AM morning session. Sat morning sessions always include 2 freaking laps around the building. I do it and I try to be a top 3 finisher but I'm still not a fan of morning workouts especially since I didn't give my body 23 hrs to recover from the last workout yet. No choice because the gym doesn't have afternoon classes.

With the New Year, there are of course new peeps joining the gym. I've met a few so it's nice that I'm now making more friends from the gym. I have hundreds of friends (yes hundreds) that I've met from playing in dart leagues here. But the clientele in darts although nice peeps are usually bar type of peeps. I shouldn't talk because I'm in there too but I'm now more for just the darts and not the bar scene type of person. So it's nice that I'm getting more and more friends from the gym now. Healthier bunch of peeps for sure. Healthier hobby too. Instead of lifting a beer mug, I'm lifting some dumbbell instead. More single women too..... just sayin :)

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