Experienced Life
2019-01-18 15:21:51 (UTC)

High School Antics from Ex wife

Of course, can't have a 100% nice day without a little drama. haha. Ex said she emailed me with something regarding the kiddo. Her English isn't the best so I can't tell if she said she will send it or sent it. Anyway, I foolishly attempted to reply. Bad move. For years now she's been good at messing with my head with open ended communication. That used to bug the heck out of me. How can you be in the middle of a convo then just decide to not reply? At least say you gotta go or something like that but nope. Just silence and waiting. Well, she struck again.

Whatever... I'm over these silly games. I know how to at least help control any purposely given anxiety she is attempting to do to me. It was supposed to just be to have him change his last name I think? I just need to sign it for permission I guess. But.......I know her. She can be a mean narcissist person and vengeful. I think I pissed her off one day when she was saying things like she misses me or still wanted me. I was pretty firm and told her I am no longer in her life and I'd prefer she not contact me anymore as it isn't constructive in our lives. Well, it pissed her off. That's her way of getting back at me. High School antics. I know not to worry about the future that may not even happen. So.. ... I will control this shit. name change? Fine. Wanting money from me for a kiddo that isn't biologically mine? Not cool..haha

Almost time for gym class. :) Going to change into my gym clothes so I can start working out as soon as I walk into the gym :)

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