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2019-01-18 14:51:03 (UTC)

Just waiting to get off of work

All caught up at work. Stretching out in my cubicle to get ready for the gym. My lats hurt when I stretch it. When or what the heck did we do to make that sore? I dunno. lol. Shoulders are hurting too but today is called booty Friday so they will work on our ass muscles. haha. This should keep my shoulders from any more pain. But they also have an intense 1/2 hr cardio class after and I never did it before. Today may be that day.

Otherwise, my weight is ok. Weighed in at 157 lbs. Not bad. I'd prefer 155 but I'll take it. I got some money still so I'll go impulse shopping at Costco later.

Also, my insurance company called and will cover my accident. Woohoo!! Also, they will pay me directly so I will get the checks. I called the Auto body place and said that I'll pay for it on my own directly to them. So they gave me a discount and in the end, I'll get it repaired and have a couple hundred bucks extra to fix it. It's only a 750 dollar damage but 200 is 200.

I kissed our 1st place chances for dart league but I'll still practice some tonight. Life is good. I'm liking myself :)

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