Canadian Cutie

Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2019-01-18 09:37:51 (UTC)

I am back :)

These few days I took to myself was to figure myself and my feelings out and it has been helpful. I know I am ready to move forward in my life. I heard something today that would have really hurt a few weeks ago and while it did hurt a little to hear.. Ultimately I am happy for Him that He has found someone. That's all I truly wanted was Him happy.

While I am not ready to give myself to another, I have seen B a few times this week since ending the relationship with Him. We have spent time together. He knows I am not ready to be in a committed D/s relationship He is happy with the time I am spending with Him. It does help me and it's nice to feel cared for which I know He does. He tells me I make Him happy and He doesn't intend to see others in hopes I change my mind but right now, I can't give Him that and while I have submitted intimately I am not His submissive and while the sexual chemistry is off the charts.. My heart and emotions don't show up for the party lol. My biggest priority right now is me and my personal growth but it does feel good to still experience D/s with Someone I trust.
I have told Him to keep an open mind about others but He said it's His choice to choose otherwise and He's choosing not to.

Life otherwise is fairly good. Work is getting busier and yesterday was barely a moment to myself which I am glad for however I saw B for a few hours last night. I have distanced myself from my friends and really only maintain contact with my best friend E. He has been a huge source of support for me lately. I would be lost without Him. Today I am off work and about to head out and meet my co-worker for a little retail therapy :) She's a sweet girl. I have enjoyed making friends with someone who is so similar to myself that we mesh on every level. She's a good girl too.. very wholesome and genuine. Just the type of friends I need.

oh and to my friend dearest soft.. I am so happy for you ❤

Ok off to finish getting ready. I hope everyone has an amazing day! ❤