Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-01-17 21:03:36 (UTC)

ALL of My Kinks!!!

I need to vent my kinks so turn away unless you want to be DISTURBED!!!

My biggest fetish is licking and biting. These aren't really turn-ons but I love doing it to others, getting it is good too! It's kinda like grooming in my mind, I think I'm taking care of the other person and showing love by cleaning them like how cats do. I have a very feline personality! I wish I could purr, and had soft fur.

humiliation and domination
so much of too! even public humiliation or domination is a love and must
total control is so loving, I'm also a switch and I could without one of them but one side needs to be active and satisfied.
I loved wedgies all my life too, even when I stood up to the knees of others I was asking my sister to give them to me and I give them to myself sometimes because she won't anymore. somebody needs to be in pain though, me or him and I don't care who.

also I'm a huge furry, murrsuits are really nice especially when combined with penis milking.

I love over stimulation on males, their tears, whines, mourns and cry's are so satisfying.


tie me up whip me bruise me while choking me with a penis down my throat, cum hard so I cough allot and it's hard to breathe

I'm usually not bothered by age gap, I would date a 30 year old! that is literally double my age

I cut myself, not for depression, because it gets me going, blood running down my arm, tickling my skin

ever seen zombie porn? had to stop watching the walking dead because I'm horny like 24/7, the males would have uh... large bites when "eating pussy"

gotta give love to the tentacles the amount of cum!! oh my gawd I love it!!
cumflation is the best!!

I love forced sex and unwilling sex combine that with public dominance and I guess you could say I enjoy rape! I wouldn't scream or shout if I got raped, I'd try and get round two out of the fucker! I'd rape the rapist! hehe!

Some people like being on top, others bottom. I like being in the middle!
dick in the ass and one in the the throat, and don't stop for me I don't deserve to breathe. that's a privilege, not a right!

not a daddy person though, big for pet and master! I'll be anyone's slave. even a little kid if they want to be a master. I know it's fucked up but I'm just too horny to care! just somebody! anybody! destroy my body!

ball boxing was a fun phase I went through, oh the men hated it! and that meant I loved it

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