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2019-01-17 19:18:56 (UTC)

The gym is my haven

I don't go to church anymore. It's been years. My place of cleansing is in the gym. No matter how I feel when I walk in, I always feel refreshed on the way out. Maybe sweaty and stinky by my heart is at peace when I leave. When my clique is there (Yes I have a closer group of friends there than normal) we have even more fun. In fact, the coach busted us today because when we break up in groups of 5, we always seek each other out and hook up. He doesn't agree and doesn't like it because we appear to be stuck up. We aren't really. We are very friendly and high five a lot of people. It's just that we like each other's company and we kick ass. We all did great today. We are all in shape.

One thing that kicked all our asses is what we call the swimming frog. From a plank position, we have sliders under both our feet. We bring our knees to our chest, then spread our feet out like a frog and slide our feet back to a plank position. I tried. 45 seconds of doing that with 15 second breaks. We do it 6 consecutive times. I couldn't keep going. When I look at my peeps, they too had to stop. It kicked all of our asses :) We all had to pause a little. None of us could keep it up for 45 seconds straight. It was killing our core. Loved it :)

Now I'm home smiling for no freaking reason. Ate some almonds for a snack. Not hungry just yet. My body needs to calm down a bit before I go hungry. I'm still jacked up from today's workout. I'm not quite sure what will hurt tomorrow. I always laugh when I touch myself in the morning to see what body part hurts :)

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