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2019-01-17 14:19:59 (UTC)

Kicking butt at work

So my peer is having a hard time catching up on his projects. So... I got one of his to do too. All good. I got this. I'm connecting a State Dept to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Did some sandbagging. I already prepped my scripts and programming and I'm ready to rock. The request hasn't even been approved yet so I am way ahead.

I can't wait for the gym class already. It's early so I gotta wait. I'll just stretch out in my cubicle so I'll have more time to do cardio at the gym before the workout begins. I have so much energy to burn right now. I just checked and only my back shoulder blade muscles hurt a little. We did a lot of Archers row and Bent rows the past couple of days so that's where I'm feeling it.