Story of a Girl
2019-01-16 23:57:08 (UTC)

Hi there

Hi there. It's been a MINUTE since I've visited this website lol.

I'll be real honest, I've never forgotten about this website. There have been times where I've felt lonely, where I've had an urge to sit down and write about the things going on in my life to help clear my mind but I just, I don't know. I lose my will to write as soon as I even think about writing. It sounds contradicting but does that make any sense? Tonight is not one of those nights--the kind of nights where I have an urge to pour my emotions into writing. Tonight happened unexpectedly. In complete honesty, I haven't done any kind of writing since January 2018. I did do some writing (more like drafting) at the end of January last year, but those drafts were never completed. I still have them, and maybe sometime in the future, I'll finish typing them out. The draft that I'm thinking about specifically had something very important that I wanted to talk about, but I think I'll briefly discuss it here instead.

I lost my train of thought, lol. So, hi again.

Like I had mentioned, I was not planning on writing tonight. But now I'm here, and wow, it's crazy to see how much has changed. I haven't been to this website in such a long time... There's so many new people here. I've had conversations with people on here, and I wonder, how many of them still write on this website? Does anyone remember when feedback messages were a thing, or are they still a thing? I used to skim through the public diaries when I first made my account and there were certain pages that would always appear daily. But now, there's just soooo many new pages I've never seen before. I feel so out of the loop lol. And for the third time tonight, I reiterate that I wasn't planning to write. I was thinking about my former classmates. There was one guy in specific whose name I really liked, but I couldn't remember what it was. He was never significant in my entries, but I KNEW I had written about him somewhere... Why I wanted to know his name so badly, I honestly don't know. But I've been wanting to remember his name for several months now and last night as I was falling asleep, I remembered that I had written about him before. Tonight, I dug around my entries and found his name! So yay! Since I was already on the website, I decided to read the last entry I had posted, the one from November, just to see how much has changed since then and well... lots of things have changed. Lots. Actually, the draft I wrote in January of last year was meant to discuss the changes that had happened. But like I said, I never finished writing it, and I stopped writing after that. I can't believe it's been a year since I've written anything, and over a year since I've bothered to update this diary. I figured tonight would be a good night to talk about the things that have happened since my last entry. Spoiler alert, nothing interesting has happened.

For starters, let me bring up some things about my last entry.

1) My friend Josefina kept asking me to go to prom and her mom gave me money to buy my prom ticket... I literally have not spoken to her since before graduation lmao. I haven't spoken a single word to her! I feel even more awful for taking her mom's money lol. I honestly was never like best friends with her tbh. I knew her because she was one of Antonio's friends, but even then she and Antonio weren't close friends either and I wasn't close friends with him too. We were all friends but not like, friends friends, if that makes sense? We were friends in each other's company lol. I don't really initiate conversations (AND YES I'M WORKING ON IT LOL) but she also doesn't start conversations first, so neither one of us has bothered to reach out to each other. I added her on Facebook before she dropped forensics, but I stopped using facebook a loooooong time ago. I might still have her added, if she hasn't deleted me by now. I still have her phome number on my old phone, but she might have changed her number too. But yeah, I don't talk to her anymore. If she ever wanted to hang out I'd be down, but I honestly don't have much of a reason to talk with her and we never had too much in common to begin with.

2) Adriana, the girl whose aunt was supposed to give us a limo ride at the end of prom, is a fake ass bitch lol. This was a few months after graduation, but our "government gang" kept a group chat after we graduated. It was an inside joke in our group of friends that we could never agree to meet up. Jordan was always trying to get everyone together to go to the movies and we would all agree to go but the day of the supposed friend meetup, one of us would say "I can't go anymore" and then the rest of us would flake and Jordan would have to go watch his movie all by himself. It was like a domino effect. So one day, Jordan insisted we all go watch a movie, grab some food, then go bowling. We ALL agreed to go, as usual... And then the day of our meetup came. Jordan texted us something along the lines of, "For once, can I PLEASE have someone to hang with?! One person decides to not go and then you all decide to leave me by myself!!!" I had every intent of hanging out with him, believe me... But on that day, I didn't have a ride. I had the money to spend, but no one to take me to the theater. So, I texted the group chat, "sorry but i wont be able to go. i don't have a ride anymore ;/" Jordan was taking the bus to the theater and I've never been very familiar with riding the public bus. Guy had his aunt drive him but his aunt has a very small car and there were no seats for me. This is where Adriana comes in... Adriana told the chat that she was still planning on going; her aunt was dropping her off and picking her up. That's when my twinie also announced that she couldn't go anymore because she also didn't have a ride to the theater. To clarify, my twin and I BOTH did not have rides to the theater... As soon as my twinie said she didn't have a ride, Adriana jumped in and said, "hey, I could give you a ride if you want! Just text me your address." UMMM. HELLO. Where's MY offer to ride in your aunt's car? That was soooo fake lol. I told them I couldn't go and she said "Oh that's so sad we'll miss you!" but as soon as B also says she can't go, she offers to give her a ride and not me? Lol okay then. I haven't spoken to her since that day and I'm ok with that since we were never the closest of friends. In fact, I kept calling her Andrea when I started writing this and I had to go back and correct myself because I've forgotten that her name is Adriana and not Andrea hahaha.

3) I won a Cheesecake Factory gift card at a raffle while I was getting ready for prom... It's 2019 and I still haven't used it!! I was supposed to use it last year for my birthday but someone unexpected came and I guess my mom forgot all about my gift card. It's only worth $25 I think, and my mom says that hardly pays for a meal there. So, idk, but I want to use it eventually. It's been sitting in my drawer for ages and I don't want it going to waste. Speaking of which, my student aid teacher from JUNIOR year gave me a $10 gift card for McDonald's which I still haven't used lmao. I'm definitely going to use that one soon though so hopefully the card is still good for use... Otherwise, I've waited far too long and it was a waste of ten dollars.

Enough of that little update though, I thought it would be a good idea to include those changes! It's been a little over a year since I last wrote, and honestly, not much has changed in my life. I'll do my best to list this stuff in order from the start of 2018 to the start of 2019.

For starters, I already knew 2018 was going to be a terrible year and it was. January 1st, 2018 started off by watching my mother and her husband argue. I don't remember with 100% confidence, but I'm pretty sure they were arguing about what they wanted to do to celebrate the new year. One of them wanted to stay home while the other wanted to go out to eat. The argument got nasty real quick though, and that's how I knew 2018 would be bad. It only got worse. That same month, I met my godmother, my tia Julia. My dad's parents pretty much abandoned my dad for the majority (if not all) of his childhood and handed him off to my tia Julia and her husband, the people who raised him. She is basically my dad's "mother" and she really means a lot to him. Every few weeks, he'll send money to her to help her with whatever she needs. He goes out of his way to hire a mariachi for her birthday parties. I don't remember much of my childhood that I spent living in Mexico, but my dad has always spoken highly of her and he has always told me that she would often watch over me while my parents worked. My mother, on the other hand, doesn't have very nice things to say about her, to say the least. I have soooooo much tea on the feud between my mom and my tia Julia, but I don't think I should go more in-depth about their feud on this specific entry lol. But I'll just say, there's TEA and I'll probably be ready to spill it soon. SO ANYWAY, I met my tia Julia. Long story short, it was a terrible experience. More details coming soon... On that note, I no longer live with my dad. I no longer talk to him. While my tia Julia was visiting, my dad decided he did not want me living with him anymore, so I packed most of my things and I've been living with my mom ever since. I've been living with her for about a year now, although I've forgotten the exact date that I moved out of his house. My mom bought pizza after I had taken my stuff from his house that day so I still have the receipt but for some reason, January 16th sticks out as a memorable date. I think I'm lucky enough to say that he was involved in my childhood because I know there are kids out there who might not have both parents involved. Even though he didn't give me the best childhood, at least I can say he was involved. It's been a year though, I've definitely grown from the situation. If my dad doesn't want me in his life, I'm okay with that. I won't go looking for him, and I definitely won't make an effort to contact him or his side of the family. I'm okay with the idea of not having anything to do with him and like I said, he's done his part as a father. Sometimes he still does call though, as his way of showing he "cares" but nah, I see through his façade. Our relationship hasn't healed at all, and the only reason I even bother answering his calls sometimes is when I'm bored and need some kind of human interaction. Otherwise, if I'm not bored, I let his calls go to voicemail. I don't really care to keep in contact anymore.

BUT LIKE I SAID, there's tea. My mother's feud with my godmother extends from beef that my mom has with my dad's side of the family and honestly, I would rather distance myself from him and his side of the family after the things I've heard. There's so much I could talk about, but this entry is not the place to do it. The tea is hotttt.

In February, I started taking care of a little girl named Ximena. Ximena is the daughter of a family friend, a woman named Liz, and we've known her ever since we came to the US. Her mom is Doña Fran and I'm not sure if I've ever written about them before, but they're both close family friends. If I remember correctly, my dad has a brother who has a wife, and my uncle's wife has a mom, and that lady is Doña Fran. Are we technically related then? Liz has two other kids and I grew up calling them my cousins, so that's what I still call them, but I'm not sure if that even counts anymore. SO YEAH, Ximena would be my "cousin" and I took care of her for a few months. The first time I ever met her was around August or September of 2017, a few months after she was born. But in February, she was only about 8 months. Liz had applied to a daycare but they wouldn't take her in until August once the school year started, so she asked me if I could babysit her on the weekdays during the day. Babysitting was basically my main form of "income" and I made about 700-900 dollars from the few months I watched over her. She's a very pretty girl who has a lot of energy.

I don't really remember much of what happened between March and May of 2018. Things happened, but nothing that was memorable... But now that I think about it, this was around the time my mom went to court and asked my dad for child support since my sister had also been kicked out of my dad's house (more tea from my tia Julia's visit lol). My dad had made no effort to provide for her since she was no longer living under his roof and my mom just wanted him to pay up to his responsibility as a father. The court proceedings actually took a long time to go through because our documents were "lost", but March was around the time my mom started filing for child support. The actual court date took place in late July/early August.

In June, we got two new puppies. To this day, I have NO idea what dog breed they are, but I've come to the conclusion that they are mixed. My mom's coworker had gotten two dogs, a girl and a boy, for her kids but her kids didn't take care of them so the lady decided she would give them away. My mom had been wanting another pet so she got the dogs for us. We initially agreed to receive them because we thought they would be smaller, but they were bigger than what we had imagined. The boy dog is named Snoopy and the girl is named Sparkles. Snoopy has light brown fur and Sparkles has black fur and they both have adorably long snouts lol. Snoopy was the more obedient dog and he had a very relaxed personality. He would run wild every now and then, but he was the better dog of the two and a family favorite. Sparkles, on the other hand... She's like a firecracker. She LOVES jumping onto the couch, chewing the seats, she pees a little every time she gets excited (lmaooo), she's an attention seeker, but she has a lot of love to give. :) She absolutely enjoys having her belly rubbed and she likes having her ears scratched. She also kind of looks like Snoop Dogg when she smiles lmao. She has a very energetic personality but she's also very precious. In June when we got them, they were 5 months old so starting February, they'll be a year old! As much as I wanted to keep them indoors, the dogs had already been accustomed to being outdoors. I really wanted to potty train them to be inside but my mom never even gave me the chance to train them.

July was my birthday month. For years, my mom and my dad always talked about taking us to Disneyland but it never happened. There was never any money for us to afford the trip to California. Years of years of empty promises, as I liked to think of it. July 2018, we finally took a family trip to Disneyland. Except, my dad was obviously not involved so it was a family trip with my mother and her husband. I had always imagined that my first family trip to Disneyland would be with both my birth parents but we were finally going to have this trip and I was definitely not going to complain about it. My mom was very determined to take us to Disneyland in 2018 so she worked hard to save up money for gas, hotel, food, other expenses... The trip was awful. SHE, specifically, ruined it for us. I want to clarify that this trip was meant for me and my sister as a BIRTHDAY GIFT. It wasn't much of a birthday gift if the birthday girls didn't get to spend the trip the way they wanted to. Originally, the trip to California (LA specifically) from my city is about 4-6 hours, depending on traffic. I reallyyyyy wanted to go whale watching again ever since that trip we took to California with my dad in August of 2017, so I had begged my mom for us to make a stop there... The plan was to arrive in San Pedro on Friday early in the day to catch a boat for the whale watching. After that, we would drive to Anaheim and check into our hotel. Saturday and Sunday would be spent at one park each day and Sunday night we would drive back home. So, we left for California on a Friday morning. Oh my god. I just realized something. We left for our trip on Friday the 13th... That explains all of our bad luck lmao. So on that friday, everything was going fairly well. We had packed snacks, we woke up early, the kids were in a good mood, we made sure to leave food for the dogs. Everything was fine. The Thursday night before, my mom's husband had gotten brand new tires for us... Can you see where this is going? We were making our way out of the city and everything was fine... until one of our tires completely popped on the highway. We didn't have a spare either because of our luggage. We were already outside of our city, but still within the state borders when this happened. It was about 9AM when this happened, too. We had to turn our car AC off which is already bad news, considering that July is one of the hottest months in my state, and we had kids in the car. My mom's husband and I went to go look for help at a near gas station (since we were fortunate enough to have stopped at a resting area for travelers) but we couldn't get ahold of any locations with extra tires for sell or a towing truck. We found a towing company who was willing to drive out to where we were but the expenses were too much and fortunately, my mom's husband had a friend who took the time to help us. We were stranded for about 6 hours in a nearby casino... Friday the 13th, I can't believe I didn't realize that until now. We had to check-in to our hotel late, about 11PM, but I had called earlier in the day to make sure our room would be reserved.

I missed the whale watching event, which was something I was really looking forward to. The following two days were awful. My family had never been to Disneyland before. I went there for the first time during Gradnite so that was my second time going and ugh. Long story short, my mom drove everyone crazy trying to get a picture of Minnie Mouse for my sister, who by the way, was sleeping when Minnie appeared. There was a photo op in Minnie's house in the ToonTown area but the line was a one hour wait and my mom decided she would rather waste more time chasing Minnie around the park than wait in line. -_- The second day, we had a mishap with our tickets and couldn't get into the park (California Adventure) for almost an hour... And we didn't stay at the park very long because my little brother got lost and that was more than enough to piss my mom off. So as soon as we had found him, she had us storm out of the park and we drove back home immediately. The following Monday, my parents went to work, but on Friday, my mom's husband's little brother came to visit for a week and... that was awful too. Look, my mom's husband has some bad kitchen habits that irritate the fuck out of me. Having his little brother around was basically torture for me because they both have the same or similar mannerisms and I had to be cleaning up after them. It was awful. OH. July 20th, Snoopy ran away. We have two gates, one on each side of the house, but one gate has a concrete floor and the other gate has dirt. Sparkles loves to play in the dirt, so while we were away, a trusted neighbor watched over them and told us both dogs had dug a hole under the gate with the dirt floor. They did not go anywhere but were happily roaming our front yard and barking at passing cars the entire time. By the time we were back we had "fixed" the gate situation, or so we thought. Unfortunately, Snoopy decided he wanted to continue digging and well, he managed to dig his way out under the gate and we haven't seen him since. He was the well behaved dog, too, the one we liked the most. The following day was my birthday. I didn't get to do anything, and I spent the afternoon looking for Snoopy around my neighborhood. We were back to having two dogs. We used to have a large pitbull that I'm sure I've talked about, not sure if anyone remembers him, but he's no longer with us. He would have loved playing with the dogs, though. OHHH, and before I forget, I drove for the first time. Not really. We spent one day, just one day, practicing on my high school's empty parking lot. It was my first time behind the steering wheel so I was very uncomfortable with all the different maneuvers. My mom's screams kept making me anxious and I cried. My sister also cried. Oh! And then our turtle died. Did I ever write about our turtle? We've had a turtle for about two years and her name was Cuca... but my sister did her research and Cuca is apparently a 'he' lol. We tried telling that to my mom but she insisted Cuca was a 'she'. Anyway, Cuca died in July and though we weren't attached to the turtle, it was still a sad day because that turtle had seen some shit lmao. I always fed Cuca in the mornings before feeding myself and maybe it's in my head, but that turtle lowkey trusted me because he/she would often come near the glass if it saw me. So, ye. July was probably the most interesting month of 2018. RIP Cuca.

In August, I stopped taking care of Ximena since she started daycare. Also, Doña Fran came back to the US to help Liz take care of her. School resumed and my brother began the first grade. I now walk him to school almost every morning. There are some days where my mom or her husband don't work, or they have time to drop him off. But for the most part, I walk him to school and I spend the remainder of my morning feeding my other siblings and tidying up the house a little. My mom and I also agreed that since I can't currently go to school, that we should start working for ourselves. For a while now, my mom has been wanting to start a cleaning business. She wants me to fund my own education and this business would do exactly that, so we started our preparations for the business.

September through November were a blur. My mom and her husband had a very nasty fight when he came home drunk and as usual, my mom wanted me getting the police involved. He was out of the house for about a week and if I'm being completely honest, that was the best week of the year. His presence alone is enough to put me in a bad mood, so not having him around nearly brought me bliss. He eventually did come back home after my siblings started asking where he went and one night my brother broke down crying because he missed his dad. I wish he hadn't come home though, I was really rooting for their divorce. Now that I can recall, their fight happened the Thursday night before schools went out for Thanksgiving break. A while before their fight, we got another dog. His name is Brax, although I've developed a habit of calling him Braxton and he surprisingly responds better to me when I call him that ahaha. I'm unsure of his breed, although my sis and I agreed that he looks most like a bullmastiff, but he's probably a mix. He has the body of a bullmastiff but the face of a pitbull, idk how to explain. My mom's husband's 'cousin' handed Brax over to us; she's a veterinarian. She found Brax on the road, he had been run over badly with his spine broken. She took him in, healed him, but couldn't keep him because she had no space for him. We have a decently big backyard so my mom's husband offered to take care of him and honestly, Brax is so precious. He looks very intimidating at first glance but he's basically a verrrry big baby haha. He LOVES squeaky toys and he enjoys belly rubs whenever possible. He's very friendly with kids, which is important to us since we have three little ones. Recently, he's gotten into the habit of jumping onto the sofas when he knows darn well he's not allowed to sit on the couch. He also enjoys sitting on top of my toes whenever I call him over. What I like most about him is that he's potty trained, so whenever he needs to do his business, he'll stand by the door and hit the door with his tail so that we know he wants to go outside.

Even though he has healed since his back surgery, he still suffers with some spinal issues. Very often, I'll find him limping instead of walking on all fours. We don't know how old he is but he looks like a young dog. My oldest dog is our chihuahua who turned 9 years old in December and she has white hairs all over; Brax is supposedly an older dog but he doesn't have a single white hair on him so I don't know. He's definitely the biggest baby in this house though, haha. But because of his spine issues, he's the only dog (besides our chihuahua) who is allowed to sleep indoors. He spends most of his day outside with the other dogs, and at night we'll bring him inside and he sleeps in my brother's room. Aside from adding Brax to the family, I got a new laptop. The first (and last) laptop I ever owned was in 2013. Windows crashed on my laptop and it just never turned back on. On top of that, it was failing to connect to my internet so it was basically useless to me if it couldn't connect to the wifi. I haven't had my own personal computer ever since then. I sometimes used my mom's husband's laptop but after their fight in November, I felt very uncomfortable using it and I decided I wanted to buy my own laptop. My mom had gotten herself a laptop from a pawn shop and she was going to give it to me but... the lag was too much. It would take at least 20 minutes to start up, like come on. I politely declined to take her laptop and insisted I would buy my own device. When I took care of Ximena, I rarely spent the money that I earned from watching over her, so the money I earned went towards buying my laptop. The laptop that I ended up getting was about $1,100 which was well over my original budget, but I guess it was a good purchase. I don't use my laptop every day, but I'm glad that at least I have one. It will always be useful for when we start up the business.

December was a meh month. We added yet ANOTHER dog to our family! I have always wanted a husky for as long as I can remember. I think in March or April, we were dogwatching a husky named Rusky. We were promised to be given a husky puppy if we watched over Rusky for a few months while his owners found a bigger house to move in to, but Rusky would howl every night and eventually we received complaints so we had to stop taking care of him and yeah, I never got the husky puppy. But I've always always alwaysssssss wanted one of my own. My mom's husband got hold of someone who knew a person who was selling them, and this person was selling husky puppies for around $450. Huskies are usually more expensive, especially purebreds, so we thought this was a good deal. ORIGINALLY, my mom owed me $700 so she thought I could either get my laptop or choose the dog. I chose to get the dog, but then I got news that the dog I wanted had been sold off (the trainer had a brown/white fur dog and a black/white fur dog which is the one I wanted) so I was okay with not having the dog and buying my laptop instead. But thennn, they found a replacement doggy after I had purchased my laptop. It took about a month to get ahold of my husky, but on Christmas Eve, my mom and her husband went out to pick up my little husky baby! At the time he was only three months old (her husband says he was 2 months old but he looked way bigger) and I decided to name him Mochi, or Baby Mochi as I like to call him. He spent the first night with me, however... I woke up Christmas morning to a very poopy floor. He was not used to the dog food we had and therefore he had diarrhea the entire day lmao, and guess who was stuck cleaning up after him...I wanted to potty train him but his stomach still hasn't fully adjusted to our dog food and I didn't want to be cleaning up diarrhea five times a day, soooo. He has been sleeping outside ever since and I think he prefers to be outside since Brax and Sparkles keep him company. He still hasn't fully gotten used to us yet, although I am slowly gaining his trust. His first week here, he was absolutely terrified of us and now he's still very shy but he will come up to me more often. He is also getting used to me petting him and showing him affection, and he is starting to respond better to his name. He usually will turn around when I call him, but if I call him over, he'll be wary. He also has the PRETTIEST eyes. He has heterochromatic eyes; one green and one blue. He will give kisses on a good day and he's probably the only dog besides Sparkles who uses the dog house we built for them. I really want to take him to the mountains so he can play in the snow, but I'm afraid he might run away since he doesn't fully trust me yet. Oh yeah, he's also very playful with our other dogs. He is always jumping around but our other dogs don't care for that kind of fun lol. Sparkles prefers to play with dirt, Brax likes his squeaky toys, and my chihuahua is too lazy to be walking outside. But yessss, Mochi is absolutely precious! Although, I might possibly be allergic to his saliva. Whenever he licks me, my skin turns red and it starts to sting; the kind of sting you might get when you have a cut on your hand and then use hand sanitizer. I looked it up on google and the symptoms showed it could be a skin reaction to a certain type of pollegen or bacteria or whatever in a dog's saliva. Some dogs produce this more than others, which explains why Mochi is the only one who causes this reaction for me. Other than that, December was uneventful. And before I forget, we had two bunnies that my dad had gotten for us the Friday before spring break my senior year. They died December 25th, 2017 and I'm still really upset about it. RIP my little bunny Lumi. On the brightside, I'm now a proud mother of four doggos!

January 2019 has so far been uneventful. Some more tea with my dad which I will have to write about eventually. Among my group of friends, I'm known to be a germaphobe, but I've actually developed a rash on my hands from how frequently I'm washing my hands. My right hand is the most effected; I have dry, red, cracked skin around my knuckles and in the area between my fingers. It feels like I have tiny little papercuts and if I look closely, it looks like the skin is peeling. Both my hands have rashes, but it is most painful on my right hand, ESPECIALLY if I use warm water to wash my hands. I have to use cold water to wash my hands or else the warm water will intensify the pain I feel when I'm washing my hands. It's even worse because it's winter time and my hands are naturally going to be more dry than usual. It just sucks but I have a constant need to wash my hands, especially after I touch any doorknobs. I have a weak immune system as well so I'm just trying to take care of myself and keeping my hands clean whenever possible. My rash is becoming less painful and I'm making sure to moisturize more often, but I can't stop washing my hands. I never thought I'd actually get a rash from this.

I probably left out so much more but I've been writing this for like four hours now, it's almost midnight and I haven't eaten any dinner either so this is where I'll stop. It did feel very good to write again. I probably won't be updating this again for a very long time. I would like to write about my family drama at some point in the future, but seeing as I keep writing and never finish what I work on, I have no idea when I'll be seen here again. I'll probably be back tomorrow to proofread this and correct my misspellings but until then... I would like to say thank you to whoever is reading this, and to those who have been following me for a while. I'm not sure if anyone will actually see this, but if you do see this, hi! I'm not an interesting person and I have less to talk about now that I'm not in school. I guess now that I think about it, I don't have much to talk about and there's not much I can really write about anymore. I mainly wrote while I was still in high school, most of the stuff I wrote about were stupid activities I did with friends. Well, I don't do stupid stuff anymore cuz I don't have friends lol... But thank you to whoever cared enough to read this through to the end. I've been here for about three or four years and though I don't usually interact with the people here, some people occasionally reach out to me and those people from the community have always been friendly with me. I wish I could have spent more time interacting with people when I was most active here. But if anyone ever wants to say hi, I'll be around. Thanks so much for reading. :)

It's 11:55PM and I can hear that it has started to drizzle. Yesterday was a very rainy day, today was sunny, but I hope tomorrow will be another rainy day. Here's a song I've been listening to these past few days:

Fuel - Shimmer (Boyce Avenue cover ft Tyler Ward)