Experienced Life
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2019-01-16 21:27:49 (UTC)

Loving this weather

It's raining pretty hard here. Winds are in the mid 30s. Temp at around 50 degrees. I love it. I can hear the wind howling around the house. So powerful so freaking strong. Yet, here I am warm and comfy in my home. I like nights like these. Nature is so powerful and yet in the middle of all of it, I'm here kicking back sipping some wine.

I'm feeling oh so positive. I don't know what is going on exactly, I mean I have bad days and today is no reason to be loving life but it just feels so right!!! It's like something cool is around the corner about to happen but hasn't happened yet. Just loving life. Taking steps to love myself :) A great day and a very good night :)