i need freedom
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2001-10-10 23:47:57 (UTC)

nuttin new

its been a while scinces ive written but my life is so
pathetic there is nothin to write about.i dont run wild
around my old school cuz it sucked.i dont have a boyfriend
to run off w/and well all know what u 2 were doin!!!
wink,wink.ill go iceskatin w/u this weekend if u
sounds like fun.maybe kyle can come b/c we all know that is
who i like.but its only a week think and my feelins are
decreasin.soon i wont like him nemore.maybe its cuz he
never talks to me but off that subject.we lost our
volleyball game.i played like shit!!i sucked so bad it
wasnt even remotely cool.thats bout it.ill write back soon.