Do Not Disturb

2019-01-16 03:25:19 (UTC)


Dear journal,

Guess who decides to stop by just to see " how I was doing" my ex Jimmy.

The one that I dated for a week then broke up with me b/c we rushed into things and we did.

But I also blocked him a long time ago. And he's still blocked.

Theirs also this other guy in my history class ( that I have tomorrow evening at four) his name is Kyle ( he's a redhead).

I also got to talk to this guy who's taller than you've ever seen him. Maybe 5 to 6 feet, caucassian, blonde long flippy hair.

But only because we were in a group and had to create our own type of rhythm in class and had to go up in front of the class and present it and that I'm not to good with..... The whole presenting type of thing but at least it wasn't for a grade because I barely participated at all.

But we only said like two words but only because I said how everyone was taller than me ( which is true) he didn't seem interested in talking to mw anyways.

In fact, he was texting almost throughout the whole class period while the teacher was teaching but we just watched a bunch of videos about the different type of instruments and the sounds they made.

But also I can't blame him because I was to texting but my boyfriend ( who would rather video chat than to actually text and th a I don't blame him because we don't really say amything anyways).

I also didn't see the guy that I all of a sudden have a huge crush on today. Maybe I'll see him tomorrow but then again I doubt ir since, he all of a sudden " switched classes".

Or did he?

My mom asked if, me and Q had sex yet ( my boyfriend). I shook my head no but we were planning on it ( if we ever get the chance too) .

I guess my ex's do be thinking about me. And do I with them... Not.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One