Canadian Cutie

Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2019-01-15 13:06:05 (UTC)

I surrender...

Listening to: I Surrender - Celine Dion (this song makes me tear up)
'Cause I'd surrender everything
To feel the chance to live again
I reach to you
I know you can feel it to
We'd make it through
A thousand dreams I still believe
I'd make you give them all to me
I'd hold you in my arms and never let go
I surrender

Never Wanted Anybody To Fix Me, Just Be By My Side While I Fix Myself💔

I am late, I did not make it to the gym today. I did not even go to work today, I had a bad headache but woke feeling better thankfully. I have to go to my nail appointment because I cancelled Friday but that will be it today. Thankfully head is cooperating so far.

I was finally able to move some of my submissive writings to my private journal. I wrote them in paper then transferred them to the journal this morning. I really had a ton to say apparently lol. Thankfully I type quickly..Its more a mini novel lol.

Nothing really to write about. Mind is kinda spinning after all I wrote in my submission journal. So I will pick up later this evening.. I hope You all have a wonderful day <3

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