Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-01-14 17:32:14 (UTC)

I Want Feedback

I love it when I get a response on a post from anywhere. No matter how much or what it is I'd rather have something than nothing. Even an insult would be appreciated more than being ignored. While I was making my last entry my dad call and told me mom is in the mental hospital because her mental disabilities are getting real bad. Which made it hard to finish it, completely destroyed the mood I had going that moment. I blame Nana. that's how I am, I look all the way back to the very beginning. If Nana wasn't such a ignorant bitch she would see the problems my mom was going through and actually helped, but no one thing went to the next and she started having voices in her head and what happened next? help? realization that she is in trauma? hospital treatment? no, none of that, they made it worse. She was brought to the church to be told that demons are talking to her and trying to corrupt her as a child. Yet every day I manage to look at her in the eye and say hello peacefully, haven't said "I love you" to nana in a long time and in all honesty I don't

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