Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-01-14 16:23:22 (UTC)

A Good Weekend

Dear diary,

I had a really nice weekend, I got to meet one of mom's friends her name is Meagan. She does these readings where you shuffle cards and she sees a path or guide to help you based on what cards were drawn. I went in thinking it's a little odd but she did a reading for my mom and the topic was exactly what she was thinking, difficulties at work. I got a reading and while I was shuffling the cards I thought of Leon, my results were wanting never ending love and a path of education, saying I'm searching for but I'm not exactly ready because I need to worry about myself first. All that is very true but love is the only thing that motivates me. I fall asleep thinking of Leon holding me tight, I think of Leon when I'm at school, I think of Leon when I'm eating breakfast and dinner. This maybe the longest distance relationship I've ever had but it feels like the closest I've ever been with someone.