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2019-01-14 10:23:56 (UTC)

A few things on my mind

Crucial week this. I have to pay my rent on Friday unfailingly otherwise I will be homeless! My friend came back to me on Saturday (thank God) and was very positive although today he sent me a message saying he can only do half the amount for now. I don't really know what that means. Does that mean he can do the rest before Friday? That is the new conundrum.

Ex sent me a mail about the fees for the kids. I sent her a mail earlier to let her know I have informed the school that i cannot make the November payment. Since than she agreed then rescinded on paying my November payment (for me to refund during summer term) and went on to get my daughter to call me to tell me that i have not paid her school fees! Anyway I really don't have time for her games so will read the email later, I have so many things on my mind to be bothering about her. She is currently redeveloping the family house and spending tens of thousands if not hundred.

I didn't even think I would be able to get into work today. That's how bad my finances are. I hope to at least find a way in the near future. it is very heavy on my mind. I asked my brother for a small amount and his response I felt was very disrespectful. I have always felt he is very selfish and doesn't really know how to be diplomatic in his utterances.

All the worries are still there concerning my job it really is taking its toll on me. I hope to start my data science online video training tonight by the grace of God. I have to keep pushing myself to deeper waters.