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2019-01-13 20:50:23 (UTC)

Got rejected

Well, I asked the lady out to dinner. She told me she isn't wanting that type of relationship. It was nice and cordial. Still.... it sucked and wasn't the best feeling in the world. I'm where I am and where I should be. So be it. Sigh......

So.. My ex wife wants to change the name of our kiddo and probably change it to her last name. The woman I kinda was getting to know just rejected me. My ex gf is living her life I"m sure with whomever she is with. Who is the loser? Me.....My lame attempts to go back with my ex failed. My ex wife is a fail that I don' t want. The new lady that I started hanging out with doesn't want me. Fuck me!!!!! I'm rejected from each and every freaking direction. Sigh....

I mean I'm good. None of them can keep up with me nor come up to my standards. Still... it sucks to be on the losing end of being alone. Just saying.....Maybe one day... but today is not the day. Today is not a good day. Today is a day where I have to man up and suck it up. So I will. Not because I'm a badass or someone with guts and determination. It' because I got nowhere else to go or do. ..

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