My Journey to better mental health and a happier future
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2019-01-13 23:49:36 (UTC)

Bad day

Today has been a rough day for communication. I don't know maybe it's me? I tried hard to explain how I felt, but my other half barely acknowledged my feelings and literally threw all the blame back to me. I tried talking about wanting to feel validated, heard and respected when I say something, even if he disagrees with what I said, but the response I got was more invalidating because it seems that he takes advantage and blames my 'mental health' on everything including his own issues, in a bid not to face them. I've decided to ignore and move on, maybe next week will be better and maybe I might find another way of attempting to talk.

Didn't sleep until 2 am this morning, so yes, I feel I'm doing right seeing the doctor soon. I did get my kitchen clean though, still, some sorting to finish, but it is clean and hygienic now, so at least I can get that done and my essay tomorrow. Going to try sleep again tonight, and see how that goes. Maybe tomorrow, I might find some things on the web that might help.

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