Do Not Disturb

2019-01-13 20:35:03 (UTC)

Family Barbeque

Dear journal,

Had a great time yesterday. I went to a family barbeque yesterday that's why I didn't write like I was suppose to. We do this everytime we have a get together. Also for dinner we had salad and barbeque chicken and it messed up my stomach... Real bad. But it was good then for dessert had ice cream. I wanted a cone that was shaped into a bowl but I was "too old" to even get one ( which sucks and I was bummed out but got over it eventually).

I thought I try sticking to an online diary instead of actually writing. And that I've been doing a good job at.

But sometimes it just doesn't feel right not writing in an actual diary rather than, an online diary.

I also got to see my boyfriend yesterday and I finally got my late New Year's kiss. I was glad to see him. He's actually a great guy and gives amazing hugs. He's my big Teddy Bear lol.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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