Experienced Life
2019-01-13 11:50:56 (UTC)

Great workout today

Today's workout was somehow one of the best ever. Every time I workout, the one hr crossfit class feels like only 20 minutes went by. Today was very different. Today, it felt like 10 minutes. Only watching Game of Thrones does it ever feel like an hr goes by as fast. But this of course is healthier and I freaking love it.

the lady I had lunch with the other day was there. You know, I didn't ever look at her body. I always look at her face and keep eye contact. Today, I actually looked at her completely. I just noticed today that she is fit. :) So I may ask her out again. Not sure. Going to take it slow. Maybe dinner or something but we both are pretty busy too. She is working and has a couple of years to go studying to become a nurse. Career change like most of us do.

Anyway, no rush. I'll maybe ask her to go to dinner maybe sometime this week. Funny now that I've learned so much since my breakup that I have a clearer picture of things. Weird. Now I know what I'm looking for. Now I know my self awareness of what I like and don't like about myself. I now know how to apply myself for self improvement and to not let the other person (in the case, a woman) give me my self worth. I'm worthy as I am by myself based on my own principles. Do I have room for improvement? Yes, my name isn't Mother Therese or Ghandi so yeah... But at least, I like myself now and who knows? Maybe someone will see that and like me for who I am.