Volume 1 - 2019
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2019-01-13 12:58:53 (UTC)

WANTED: Advice!

One week from today, I have a date with a girl. I'm a 22-year old woman who only realized I was bisexual about three years ago, and at the time, I had a boyfriend. This is going to be my first date with a woman, and I'm really excited, but also kind of really nervous. It's one of those things right, where I'm actually fairly confident, and I'm pretty outgoing. I've worked with the public in various settings since I was 16, so I'm not crazy worried about being able to hold a conversation. But then the irrational part of me kicks in. Questions that I know the answers to, or are recognizably stupid.

Are there different rules when it's a first date with a woman? Will I know what they are? What if I literally forget how to be a person? My last relationship, which was the first of my adult life, wasn't really a great one, and I don't think I've ever been on a proper date. Any advice or anything would be super, super appreciated. Thanks :)

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