girls dont cry
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2019-01-13 01:45:15 (UTC)

about wanting more

a silky sweet voice comes from just beyond
i open my tired eyes to meet yours
wide awake, lips already pressing against mine
eager hands gripping at my sides as though
you are afraid I will slip out of your grasp
on this early Saturday morning
as if I have anywhere else to be but in your arms.

when i spend the night
he kisses me differently
like i am his and not my own
like he has no time left in the world
and wants to drink me to the last drop
and god it feels good to be wanted

i'll be honest
i am afraid of dying
but i don't think about dying when i'm curled up
next to him like a purring kitten.
i shiver and he pulls me closer;
cold room, hot bed, warm bodies
i feel alive

the afternoon rolls around
and so do we, tangled in your sheets
we engorge upon oranges and other ripe fruits
my tongue feels raw
and we kiss anyway
today i am beautiful
so are you

as the sun nests itself behind the mountains
lilac skies roll in
we look at each other and we know
it's time to let go.
you take me out to the car
and we drive home in silence
already separating ourselves from one another
and you are not the man
that kissed me when i woke up

- it felt good to be wanted
but it left me wanting more

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