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2019-01-12 21:30:12 (UTC)

The past comes bubbling up

I got a text from my ex. Not ex gf but my ex wife. She said her lawyer is sending me paperwork. Ugh... I first thought she was going to try to get money from me but she says it's just to change the last name of our kiddo. He has my last name and she wants to change it. She somewhat in a lame way says that she doesn't want me to pay child support so she is changing his name. Her and her silly lies again. Changing the last name of a child does not change the responsibilities of a parent. She is still trying to mind fuck me.

Anyway, I do not care the reason nor am I curious about what this is all about. I am more than fine with signing whatever it is she wants me to sign as long as it's not going to cost me. I of course miss the kids but if you haven't been reading my diary for a long time, the kiddos are not biologically mine and the real Father is dead from liver disease I think? Anyway, it's a long story so please don't think I'm a deadbeat Dad. My ex wife was really bad and not many guys would've survived what I had to deal with.

So... let the paperwork come. I'll read it carefully and if it is just to authorize a name change, then so be it. I will sign it. I don't have room in my life for any mind games or negativity anymore.

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