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2019-01-12 18:14:21 (UTC)

Went on a date

Well, life goes on and I thought it'd be nice to start dating again. I broke my rule of not dating someone from the gym. I guess I was worried I might muck it up because the gym is my saving grace. I go there to find my pease regardless of being happy or sad. Well, if someone I dated is there, it may confuse me should things not work out. But then I thought, with? Am I doing anything cool and awesome at the moment? No, I'm not so I got to know someone a little and asked her out. Good thing she said yes.

We just had lunch after the gym. We coordinated our gym session today and went out after that. Good thing about a date after the gym is you don't have to dress to impress. We were both sweaty and grungy after the gym. haha. I found out a lot about her. No kids for instance so that's less complicating. She's in the medical field as a Medical assistance but going to school to improve and become a nurse. Cool. Obviously she is fit so it's nice to see a fit woman. Very smart too. Some of her texts I had to google to understand what it meant.

We hung out for about 1 1/2 hrs chatting. It was nice to be speaking to a woman face to face. She's cute too so that helps :) Baby steps but at least it's steps in the right direction for me.

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