2019-01-11 06:46:10 (UTC)


Restoration is something I need.I feel so deprived of sleep lately even though I've been getting way more of it.
I'm high again. I always get like this when I'm in possession of weed. I can't control myself, but I hate to admit that.
I won't get job offers anytime soon if I keep up like this. I promised myself I'd cut down and stop.
Anyway, things are a bit wonky. Got my first STI, and hooked up with some guy. Funny that we matched 3 years ago on Tinder.
Then got it cured through a hellish antibiotic regimen, and I was nauseated for days.
I have some serious munchies.
Anyway, I miss writing. I miss writing letters to my friends. I wish I could have time to type messages out to people who still take the time to read them. I've learned so much from my actions in high school. I'm glad to be taking those skills forward and learning to invest.
Actually, I've been investing in stock markets, as realtime investors do. Then they get rich or whatever. Maybe a brighter future ahead.
For now, I've just spent more than a third of my school refund on school materials. What do I know about finance?
I need a better budget plan, that's for sure. Though I know I'm taking the right steps.
It seems like I'm trapped in the hole of social media again as well. I need to pull myself out or I'm going to self-destruct. Except there's the dilemma of ending Humans of UIS right there because it's a Facebook page. Me making a Facebook account has pulled me back into that stupid ass social media trance. I need to quit it soon, and I probably will. But people are expecting me to go forward with this project. It's my last semester in school. I'm not sure if it's even worth it. But what does it matter? Maybe my photos will go famous, something I stopped caring about a long time ago. I see there is no longer a benefit to this page except that committing to it as an independent project as its own incentive.