Scream Above the Sounds
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2019-01-10 20:15:00 (UTC)


I'm so glad my friend suggested for me to go running with him. Today was my best work out, by a million miles. I'm still not feeling 100% but I couldn't afford to have two rest days in a row so I had to suck it up and get on with it. No pain, no gain and all that!

I'm so pleased with myself, I managed to complete our daily run without stopping. Some may read this and laugh but it's honestly quite a big deal for me, when we first started, I needed a rest at the top of the hill. He's very good at motivating me and helping me kick on. I've started taking my headphones with me and I decided to play 'Pyramids' by Frank Ocean which is like an 8 minute song, I told myself I wasn't going to stop until it was over. By the time the song was finished, we were nearly done. It was exactly what I needed. It felt so good and it's really empowering and inspiring to see progression, no matter how small. Here is what I did today :-

Completed daily run; 12 minutes 30 seconds (First time ever without stopping, goal is 20 minutes without a rest)


12 reps of 15kg per arm
12 reps of 17.5kg per arm


10 reps of 10kg plus bar, 2 sets


12 reps of 10kg plus bar, 2 sets


12 reps of 8kg per arm


12 reps of 10kg, 2 sets


12 reps, 4kg per arm


25 minutes

Now that I have completed that run, I have to emulate that every time. No excuses. Rise and grind, and all those other phrases people say! I'm going to jump on the exercise bike for 20 minutes and then chill for the rest of the night. I've got a very easy day in college tomorrow, ICT and Tutorial. I'll be home and hosed by 12pm, back on the grind with my buddy in the gym and then I can look forward to a hopefully pretty chilled weekend! I have two presentations that I really need to kick on with and I think I'm going to be out Saturday night with some friends for my birthday. My birthday isn't until Tuesday but people are going to be busy so Saturday seems like a good shout. I'm honestly super excited for my Nintendo Switch, I may be turning 28 next week, but I still feel about 8.


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