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2019-01-10 07:18:15 (UTC)

uh, pardon? lol

Good Morning..
Feeling much better this morning after my minor breakdown yesterday lol.. I wasn't able to hit the gym because of the snowstorm this morning and with my back hurting I did not want to push it.. but did an hour in my gym in my basement. Core hurts as I did the rowing machine, wasn't too impactful on my back but I am feeling it now..

I work again today then hair appointment then off til Monday :) Should be fairly steady day today but always times where there is nothing we can do for a certain period of time. We were hit with about 20 cms and getting another 10 this morning. Unfortunately I have to drive in it to get to work but fortunately I am only 5 mins away so not too bad :)

I spoke to B last night for about an hour, We really hashed it out. I asked to speak freely and He granted it and I just said everything on my mind.. I was waiting for a click..or Him to vanish at that point. Figured I had pissed Him off.. lol. I did get a moment of silence after I said.."I am done lol".. He took a deep breath and said "you are 100% right".. I said..."uh, pardon?" lol He laughed and said "what were you expecting?"...I said "silent treatment or that you can't deal with me or this right now"....He said " are right, and I will never punish you by disappearing or getting angry because you tell me how you feel, you are doing exactly what I have told you to do, I want you to do".....then He went into saying how any relationship is an adjustment. What I am use to in regards to patterns and communications are different than what He has had in the past and neither are right or wrong, just different and He has to do a better job to meet my needs, no excuses..He said it won't be what I am use to but we will develop a path that's specifically for our relationship. He stated He hasn't had this type of Ds relationship before and it wasn't the type He knew He wanted until He met me. He said He thought He knew what He wanted and was looking for but I took Him off guard in the best way possible. He said that I was the best thing to happen to Him in a really long time and definitely the best thing to happen to Him in Ds. There was a lot more said but that is the stuff I am comfortable sharing. I did ask how I can improve..He said absolutely are perfect.. I laughed and said "no seriously" lol..He said "you are truly perfect, keep doing what you are doing". Soooo, this means we are seeing one another Friday.. Now I am really nervous.

I lost track of time and been at work for 2.5 hours so I am picking this up here.. I cannot get warm for the life of me, thankfully I brought a sweater and the heater is on behind me again. Seemingly the snow has stopped from what I can see..Sun is shining but it's so cold out. Tomorrow is suppose to be worse. Its ok, I'll be inside with my Sir tomorrow :) He's been texting me today, told me He cannot wait to hear my voice again tonight when He calls on His way back from Toronto. I only hope He makes the effort to change the things we discussed. Most times when I expressed myself to Him it was in person and due to my shy and submissive nature, I can barely talk much less express myself and I cannot make eye contact, dont know why, just cant. He said on the phone last night that He felt this was the most effective conversation we have had. That I really expressed myself well and was able to tell Him what I need Him to do. I am hopeful He really heard me. He said if I wanted to wait and move tomorrow to another day He was ok with that, til I knew the changes would happen but I don't. We also discussed personal things. I am more nervous now than I was before lol. He's not huge on Ds protocol. Few things He's very particular about but He says He doesn't need to puff His chest and scream His orders for me to know He's the Dom, agreed. So...we will see.

I have a hair appointment tonight and I had to move my nail appointment that was Friday til Tuesday, you know its a big thing when I move nail appointments lol.

Well, nothing else left to write so I will go and find something to do at work lol, I hope everyone has a great day <3

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