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2019-01-10 11:17:26 (UTC)

Finance Palaver

My friend is making me very nervous. He hasn't come out to say he will pay for the rent I owe and I have no other means of paying the rent. If I don't pay by the 18th of Jan I will be evicted. I hate chasing him but i have no choice. I have to get an affirmative answer from him this weekend otherwise I will have to turn to someone else. i don't know who at this stage. it is a big worry.

Kids are in school, my son's school threatened to not allow him back to school this week. I haven't heard from them I hope they will be considerate. My ex is paying her own half and I ma behind on mine. Also my daughter's school wants to meet us but I will ask for a separate meeting.

I simply don't earn enough money, I am really struggling and my job is not secured on top of that. I just need a new job